Minecraft Mod Manager 2 POINT OH! v0.21

Where to post comments: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1022&t=238335

Now bear in mind guys, Whilst it’s in BETA, It will receive CONSTANT Updates.
Just be prepared for errors and such early on!

UPDATE 0.21:
– This Update added a whole new tab that will let you create your own packages that will later be compatible with the online repository 🙂
– Fixed the mod deletion.
– Made the lanucher path a bit more clear.
– The panels now have the integrated theme aswell, Don’t ya think they are much cooler?
– If people close the manager without pressing Finish Modding it will close the stream for them.
– Prevented people from running Minecraft before having finished modding.
– Many other little fixes…


-Install Mods within milliseconds! Literally! From Dr Zharks Mo’Creatures straight to Minecraft.jar and extracting the required files within 1.2 seconds for me!
– Online Repository, Will involve downloading any mod you want along with any dependency mods it relies on.
(Coming Soon, As you can see, Tab is already there and is my n°1 priority for this week)
– MAC – LINUX – WINDOWS Compatible (I think anyway)!
– Theming, Custom substance Look and Feels along with soon to be custom button themes (Coming Soon)
– Run Minecraft straight from the Application!

Install times:

System: —– Installing mod 2by2 V0.4.02 B1.3_01 r3.zip —–
Installed in: 0.117 System: —– Installing mod AudioMod.zip —–
Installed in: 0.04
System: —– Installing mod Death Chest.zip —–
Installed in: 0.0060
System: —– Installing mod DrZhark’s Mo’Creatures Mod —–
Installed in: 1.087
System: —– Installing mod GUIAPI.zip —–
Installed in: 0.921
System: —– Installing mod MLV5.zip —–
Installed in: 0.075
System: —– Installing mod OptiMine.zip —–
Installed in: 0.029
System: —– Installing mod shelf.zip —–
Installed in: 0.011
Here’s the first version guys, Run it and tell us what you think 🙂
We need donations to help keep the repository server up! Running this isn’t free, and if you feel you’d like to contribute a little here’s my paypal donation button.
If you do donate, Trust me, You will receive my undying attention and probably get early releases; Doing this will help us pay for the server costs!
Click the button!

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41 responses to “Minecraft Mod Manager 2 POINT OH! v0.21

  • Robbo

    my minecraft wont work now
    what do i do?

    • tomfromcollege

      If your minecraft won’t load now, Press on strat modding and finish modding; This will recreate the jar without modding it at all.

      If that fails, you can always go to your .minecraft directory and rename temp_minecraft.jar to minecraft.jar

    • sgt0pimienta

      the mod loader is deleting the minecraft.jar,or acting wierd,if your game doesn’t stop loading,go to appdata .minecraft and DELETE your bin,it will blast off ALL your mods,but it will work oce you reload minecraft and it downloads the packages again.

  • wizardgherkin

    *Claps hands*

  • Spellchek

    The newest TFC mod manager creates a .jar file with two pd.class files in it. Seems buggy.

  • Austin

    my computer wont open it… is it supposed to download in a .jar file?
    i had trouble opening the previous version as well.

  • Hockeysmash

    Im having the same issue as Austin.(and on the same day maybe something is wrong with the file at the moment)

  • Ratty

    Modding using this makes my minecraft black screen! Where is the OMG BLACK SCREENZ menu (or something that does the same job) as in the last version of mod manager?

  • tomfromcollege

    In this version there is no need for a OMG BLACK SCREENZ menu, To revert your minecraft.jar to normal press start modding and finish modding without installing any mods 🙂

  • Qiia

    Hi! I really love your mod manager, it is awesome! Diamond for you (<3), but anyways. I tried to install YATC, but when i clicked that globe thing it stands that "System: —– Installing mod yatc55h.zip —–
    Installed in: 0.017 Seconds
    ERROR:Not yet supported!" + i get a blackscreen. What does it mean? 🙂

  • jason

    when i try to get mod manager up. it gives me an error and black screen with lots of writing ?

  • jake

    it appears that the modder works alright, but when i open minecraft.jar and login, the screen goes to “done installing” and wont change. to get past this i click force update options but i think that undoes anything that the mod manager has changed… got any ideas?

  • jimmy

    I need help with my mod manager 2. when ever i mod my game it said “not yet supporrted” what do i need to do?

  • Harison

    im watchin a vid for DrZharks mo’creatures but in the video tutorial he downloads v151 will 2v01 work to

  • John

    Well im a noob here but when i click Run minecraft I can play it but the mo animals mod isn’t working (or i haven’t seen any new animals) if you know this mod do all of the things i downloaded need to be unzipped?

  • RMuzz

    Sorry, but I’m new to this. How do I run a .jar file? OR Where does it go? (Running on Windows7)

  • RMuzz

    Nevermind, found the exlaination video on the forums.

  • ZioHightoma

    I downloaded the file, but when I try to open it with Java. It seems to not work. I get a pop up that says, “Could not find main class: C:\User\Jay\Documents\Minecraft Mod ManagerV16.jar. Program will exit.”

    I’ve also had this problem with every other Mod Loader or Mod Manager I’ve downloaded. I’m sure you’d know how to fix this.


  • John

    I can’t put in my Minecraft.exe into the thing that tells me to put in the launcher in the settings tab. Any help?

  • Erik

    when i try to boot after installing mods the game displays the Mojang splash screen then blacks out. When i try booting with no mods installed i don’t even get to the splash screen before crashing. the one time i managed to get into minecraft GUI world mod controls under options displayed 4 Mo’ creatures tabs. when i clicked on 1 and 4 they both opened up as you would expect them. when i opened up the 2nd one in the list i crashed. i have no idea what is going on -.- please assist me?

  • Marcutiolives

    Sorry to say, I think you might want to check this version out again, it seems a bit buggy and is making it impossible for me to play Minecraft at all, even when I uninstalled the mods.

    I’d suggest making a video tutorial on how to use this or a readme file to go alongside it, this is because most of the time while I was trying to install the mods I wanted, I was more or less guessing on what I had to do.
    To make it clear what the problem is, it’s much like many others here, I downloaded all the mods as seemed to be intended, but when I went to start up my game it merely goes to the “Done loading” and stops.
    I haven’t been able to fix this myself, so either we’re missing something or the mod has a very bad bug.

    I hope you take my suggestions into account, and thank you very much for your efforts, I can’t imagine how complicated all this coding must be, and I understand sometimes mistakes happen. Good luck. 🙂

  • John

    I can’t open the Mod Manager.. I can only open it in WinRar:(

  • Chrizesu

    Will we be able to make our own Look and Feel?

    And yes if I make a good one I’d make it available for download.

  • corey

    what do you put in for the minecraft launcher

  • endless031

    update for 1.4 soon?

  • sgt0pimienta

    hmm,im sorry,but this is not working,update please?

  • Brandon

    hey how do i work it i whant to get thies mod i hit start how do i know when it done

  • zaqwerty180432

    i had a previous version of MM that worked great and now that i updated it i cant even get the mods into MM. Why wont this work?

  • Chris

    Hey could you maybe put the plugins in folders?

  • Aryan

    Worked perfectly for me, except for SDK’s gun mod, it keeps blackscreening when I try to install it. I’m not sure if it’s TFC or SDK’s problem, but eh. Anyways, very efficient and useful! Thanks! 😀

  • .................

    how do i choose a launcher thing or path

  • sebastion

    When i try downloading the Mo creatures mod, it doesn’t do anything just just says. “Installed in: 0.0 seconds”. and when i open minecraft the mod is not installed. I’m not a technical person at all, and i don’t know what to do. Any help?

  • Tim

    When i try to install minecolony it says error not yet supported what does that mean?

  • dylan

    how do i chose a launcher path!

  • lewis

    I would like to see the repository come back in 2v01 since i have 2v01 and its not there!

  • Oscar

    is this updated for 1.7.3 and will it update for 1.8?

  • Oscar

    1.7.3 update please!

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  • العاب بن تن 10

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    2 РOINT ОH!v0.21 | TFCsBlog <Liked it!

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