Using the new tags in version 14

How to use the new Tags in version 14:

Firstly, What are the new tags?


[Requires] (Require any mods to work?)


[VersionURL] (Enables updating from url)


and here’s how we use them:

100 > 300
(using a range, Check the bottom of this thread to find out how to use one)

Works exactly the same as [BlockID]

Alot of mods work on modloader and audioloader, So what you need to do is add 2 requires tags:


The problem with this is that risugami will not respond to any of my emails to enable this to work with his mods – So for now this will have to stick to dependancies that can be installed via the mod manager such as GUI addons

On to the version:



Right, Now for this to work, on your page (Whatever it may be)
you need to add this in plain text (or hidden as long as it’s in the HTML):


This will enable the mod manager to check for updates 🙂

Other new feature:
Block and Item Ranges:

100 > 120

Pretty self explanatory, Will add all the ids from 100 to 120, like this:
100, 101, 102 … 118, 119, 120
To the clash list and then detect for clashes between mods!

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