Creating a .properties file for Update 13!

Hi developers, Here’s all the things you can use and then them explained:

Make a file and Place it in the Root of your ZIP in plain text and put this in it:

SDKs Mods

minecraft > /

resources > /

[FileToBase] > / > / > /



It’s pretty self explanatory
Here are the Tags:
[Name] (to set the name of your mod)

This is a little more complicated:
SDKs Mods is incompatible with minecolony
Now minecolony as of yet doesn't have a properties file - So the name could be anything!
What you need to do is to set this as little as possible whilst still containing the name...

Example: -
tag: minecolony (ok)
tag: MineColony (ok)
tag: MineColony023 (Won't work)


To use the ones above you’ll have to type the file path relative to the opening of the .zip
you can then use it like this:

[FileToBase] > /SDKsGuns/anotherfolder/Another/

that would send the file: TO %appdata%/.minecraft/SDKsGuns/anotherfolder/Another/

You get the gist!

Tags Coming Soon:

What else?

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